Mitsubishi     MS-JP10VF

Model Name MS-JP10VF (Indoor Unit) | MU-JP10VF (Outdoor Unit)
Refrigeran R32
Power Supply (Source) Single Phase 230V 50Hz
Function Outdoor Power Supply
Capacity Rated (kW) 2.65
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Anil Agencies
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Power House, Bhilai - 490001,
Chhattisgarh, INDIA
Product Specifications

General Description

Mitsubishi Electric introduces the new Tropical Specification series. New technologies used in the compressor has made it possible for units to operate at outside air temperatures as high as 52°C. The new Tropical Specification series is perfect for cooling homes in tropical regions.


Highly efficient DC motor drives the fan of the indoor unit. Efficiency is much higher than an equivalent AC motor.


The automatic, one-touch Powerful Cool system ensures faster cooling. It produces 10% more airflow than the "high fan" speed, cooling the room in less than 15 minutes, then automatically returning to the regular setting.


High-performance grooved piping is r used in heat exchangers to increase the heat exchange area.


Eliminate dampness without lowering the temperature for healthier, more comfortable air-conditioning, while enjoying great year-round economy.


The Econo Cool one-touch operation automatically adjusts the direction of airflow based on the temperature at the air outlet. The set temperature can therefore be 2°C above conventional temperature settings without loss of comfort and with a 20% increase in energy efficiency.
Ensures greater comfort even when the temperature setting is 2°C above conventional settings.


On/Off operation can be set simultaneously in 10-minute increment for a 24-hour period.


Is the room too hot or cold, too dry or humid? On auto mode selection, the fuzzy logic control system adjusts conditions to suit you. Your selected temperature setting is stored in the memory system and reproduced automatically each time you operate your air conditioning.


General Details

Model Name MS-JP10VF (Indoor Unit) | MU-JP10VF (Outdoor Unit)
Refrigeran R32
Power Supply (Source) Single Phase 230V 50Hz
Function Outdoor Power Supply
Capacity Rated (kW) 2.65
( Max) 2.65
(TR) 0.75
Total Input Rated (kW) 0.77
Indoor Unit (Lo-Med-Hi-SHil) dB[A] 26-33-40-47
Air Volume Indoor Unit [Lo-Med-Hi-SHil ] CFM 162-212-311-422
Operating Current (A ) 3.4
Max (A ) 4.9
Indoor Unit Dimensions [HxWxD] (mm) 290x799x232
Weight (kg) 9
Outdoor Unit Dimensions [HxWxD] mm 525x718x255
Weight (kg) 24.5
Breaker Size [MCB required] (A) 10
Ext.Piping Diameter Liquid mm [inches] 6.35[1/4]
Gas mm [inches] 9.52(3/8)
Max. Length Out-In (m) 20
Max. Height Out-In(m) 10
Star Rating 2star
Timer 12h
ODU to IDU (Core No.x 4Cx1.0
Power cable (Copper) To ODU (Core No.x 3Cx1.0ODU
Breaker SizeTo ODU(A)
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